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“Workplace Bullying costs employers 80 million working days and up to £2 billion in lost revenue every year.”(HSE)
It’s in the best interests of your Business to understand workplace bullying and to combat It. With The Claremont Practice’s help the solutions may be easier than you think!

Bullying, harassment, victimisation and violence are believed to cost industry in excess of £2 billion a year. This figure is over and above the cost in real terms to individuals in terms of ill health and lost livelihood.

Ban Bullying at Work Day sought to raise awareness about the subject of Workplace Bullying but many organisations admit to still being unclear as to what actually constitutes bullying.

Management now carries a frightening burden of responsibility for workplace bullying and harassment. You may be unaware of some practices going on under your roof that may qualify as bullying – such as “sending people to Coventry”, or workers making a manager’s job impossible (bullying from below). Tackling these issues is not as daunting as it may first seem and The Claremont Practice has a range of cost effective interventions to support you.


With the help of The Claremont Practice, trainers, counsellors and consultants to you can effectively raise awareness on workplace bullying and harassment issues, train key personnel in bullying awareness and enabling them to manage incidences effectively and provide support for victims ensuring that that are rehabilitated to work speedily and effectively. All our training will be customised to incorporate details of your bullying and harassment policy and reflect the desired culture of your organisation.

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