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Helps individuals through a traumatic career situation. Specialist technical support for personnel staff to ensure best practice:
  • Shows individuals how to develop new career strategies
  • Provides skilled help in the practical and urgent tasks of job-search
  • Shows retained staff a caring approach in an unsettling situation
  • Offers a ‘compromise deal’ to soften the blow of redundancy
  • Helps families by supporting members under stress
  • Introduces positive action in otherwise negative situations
  • Demonstrates corporate integrity amid tough decisions
  • Flexible structures and the continuing trends in organisational down-sizing have made redundancy programmes a far too common aspect of HR work.
With the need both to cushion the blow to individuals and to show an acceptable and humane face of management in what must be one of the most difficult personnel management situations, HR staff need to produce tangible and demonstrable efforts in supporting those who are being forced to seek new career directions.

The Claremont Practice have very substantial experience in this area and have been providing redundancy counselling services with unparalleled success over many years – long enough to have counselled some of our clients through as many as four career changes. Whilst repeat business cannot be our aim, clients who turn to us for help again and again must be the best demonstration of how our help has been valued.
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