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This type of therapy concentrates on helping clients to identify the skills, strengths and resources that are already present and progresses them towards solutions.
  • Includes a maximum of 10 self-contained sessions
  • Works in the ‘here and now’ with what the client perceives to be a problem
  • Ensures that change is seen as happening all the time and can be utilised
  • Relies on the skills of the client as well as those of the counsellor
  • Emphasises that a difference can be made, however small the step that is taken
  • Is both ethical and practical in assisting clients in the shortest time possible

Conflicts at work >

Anger and conflict in the workplace – unless properly managed – can lead to untold damage both to the organisation and to the individuals involved.

For many people, conflict is something to be avoided at all costs. As a result, they may find themselves backing away from situations where they should ideally be taking control; and may even find their own situation or former neutrality compromised as a result.

If any of this sounds familiar, or if you find yourself exposed to particular people, personalities or circumstances that you wish you possessed the skills and tools to manage better, then you will find everything you need in our popular Anger Management product.

The result will be that you will be able to increase your assertiveness and self-esteem; improve the performance of your team; and develop a work environment that will be of benefit to your colleagues and yourself.

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