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Our relationships are one of the most important factors in ours lives.

Lets face it, to a large extent they define us in many ways. Think about it, if you were asked to describe yourself wouldn’t you mention your relationship status?

More than that, think about the last time you were in a happy and healthy relationship. Didn’t you feel protected against the stresses and strains of life? That, no matter what else was happening in your life, you had this wonderful relationship that you enjoyed.

But, if the strain of life actually comes from within the relationship, what protects you then? Nothing: except your own inner strength and self-esteem.

Even for the strongest of us, bad relationships can erode our self-esteem and unbalance our lives. So, relationships form a huge part of our lives, they come up time and time again when talking, living, laughing or crying.

There is no right or wrong relationship: everyone is different. If for example someone decides to stay with their partner if they have been unfaithful this does not make that person weak or stupid. Equally, we can’t assume that would be right for everybody, good counselling is not stereotypical; there are never any absolutes in any relationships.

Through experience, counselling is about not so much what is being said but more about what people aren’t saying through fear of loss or judgment, or purely stuck in the good old fashioned argument rut, where the argument goes round in circles always ending up with both walking away, being further from the point than when starting because the argument was never really about the words being spoken.

Counselling is a way to unravel the communication in a non-judgmental environment.

With the help and guidance…

The result is always a “win-win” situation by ending being stronger than before or parting knowing what went wrong so it doesn’t impact on your next relationship.

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Delayed reaction >


Just as love may bring up our past unresolved feelings, so does getting what you want!

After working along side numerous couples I have continually seen this phenomenon, when one partner is finally willing to make a change for the better the other would become suddenly indifferent and unappreciative.

To further explain this I will give an example of a recent case:

An attending couple first came to see me because they felt there marriage was over as their sex life was at end!

This pattern had continued for a period of years until they finally could cope no longer, it started with “Jeff” wanting sex with his partner “Jane” (I have changed names for obvious reasons), but she wasn’t in the mood… in his mind that was accepted because he loved her. The next day he hinted again, she was still not interested. This pattern continued every day.

By the end of two weeks he was beginning to feel resentful. But at that time he didn’t know how to communicate these feelings. Instead of talking about them, the frustration was covered with pretending every thing was okay. He was suffering these negative feelings and trying to be loving at the same time.

For two weeks at a time the resentment continued to build.

He did everything he knew possible to please her while inside resenting her rejection of him. At the end of the two weeks he went out and bought her a beautiful nightgown which he gave to her, and which she opened that evening. She opened the box and was happy and surprised. He asked her to try it on, but she wasn’t in the mood.

At this point he gave up and buried himself in work and forgot about the sex, he gave up his desire for sex and in his own mind that was okay but still suppressing the feelings of resentment.

Imagine his surprise when two weeks later he came home from work to his partner wearing the nightgown, low lights, soft music. All of a sudden he felt a surge of resentment. Inside he felt like saying “Now you suffer for four weeks” – all of the resentment that had been suppressed for the last four weeks suddenly came up.

Her willingness to give him what he wanted released his old resentments.

At which time his partner had come back to a place of loving and caring but was completely rejected by the resentment felt by him, so her resentment of his resentment continued with “I’m now not in the mood” and so it continued with numerous other examples in a similar pattern.

This is not about fault or blame, just misunderstanding of the other’s reaction, this happens not only in the example I have given but in all areas where there are “hidden” resentments.

Fortunately, they could see this pattern when we looked at it, as they continued to express and share these feelings with each other and understood how each other had felt neglected… their relationship grew stronger than ever!

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